On Using Quora

For information junkies and those who love to enlighten, Quora is a wonderful place to be. It is a world of its own and so far there is no competition on the horizon for it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have their own niche uses. Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends, Twitter for sharing links and getting in touch with people directly and LinkedIn to keep tabs on who is doing what. Quora brings Twitter’s ability to connect directly with people to a forum where everyone gets to learn from one answer. Ever wanted to ask an Iraqi what the war meant to them? A detailed first person account is there. How about, asking J J Abrams on how he started making movies? He gives an answer when he has time from making movies of course! 

However to fully unlock the experience, one needs to do at least some of these steps below:

  1. Choose Topics to follow: Start with topics you know about, then move to movies, books, authors and artists. Then choose topics that you have always wanted to know about. Add a few passion topics as well.
  2. Choose people to follow: Yes, people matter. We are programmed this way. If you don’t know anyone on it, then start by following people, whose answers hit home (for you)!
  3. Vote good answers: Yes, you need to vote answers you like.
  4. Write answers: Write answers to questions you have knowledge on. Make sure you check facts and refer them if possible. If you don’t want your name associated with it, add an answer anonymously.
  5. Ask Questions: Ask questions that you has troubled you, or you have wondered about. It will cost you credits but in my experience, you get reimbursed multifold within a day as the number of people who follow the question and give answers to increase.
  6. Complete profile: Quora’s profile is very different to Facebook and social networks. They want to know your experience on a topic you give answers to. Fill that in, it adds a new dimension to your answer.
  7. Invite people: Add people who will enjoy this and spread the love…

So that’s about it people. You can follow me on Quora if you have an account, otherwise please request an invite by dropping me a line in the comment section, your email address will not be published.

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